Advocating for the Working Class

     "My parents came to Coachella from Mexico, in pursuit of a better quality of life.  I come from a long line of single moms, strong women, and women who get things done.  Women, who worked in the cotton, watermelon, and grape fields.  I don't know anything else, but to work and earn my way through life. As a single parent myself, I know first hand the struggles of raising my daughter on low wages.  I want to provide the residents of Coachella with the resources and tools to acquire services, gain employment with a living wage, enriched recreation programs, afford housing, and include them in the decision- making to improve their quality of life.  If elected, I guarantee to seek the input of residents and groups to ensure they are reflective in local policy".  - Denise Delgado

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Economic Opportunitites


  • Creating More Jobs

  • Earn Living Wages

  • Boost Local Economy

  • Expanding WiFi Access

  • Skills Training

  • Generate Tax Revenue

Safer Neighborhoods & Equity


  • Community Partnerships

  • Safe Parks

  • Coachella Police Department

  • Safer Neighborhoods Commission 

  • Reduction of Speeding Vehicles

  • Collaboration with Healthcare and Mental Health experts

Increase Community Engagement
& Participation
  • Community Participation

  • Strengthening Relationships

  • Building Trust

  • Expansion of  Commissions and Committees

  • Spanish communication City website/Social Media